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Volunteer Application


  1. 1. Cover / Disclosure
  2. 2. Personal Data
  3. 3. Background Information
  4. 4. Criminal History Section
  5. 5. Reference Section
  6. 6. Authorization for Release of Information
  • Cover / Disclosure

    1. New Huntersville Police Patch

    2. volunteer application heading

    3. Disclosure Section

      Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of information stored within the Huntersville Police Department, we have determined these questions are necessary to fully and adequately evaluate applicants for volunteer positions within our agency. All applicants are subject to a thorough background investigation.

    4. All information provided will be verified for accuracy during the background investigation. Any admissions to information requested will not necessarily exclude you from consideration; however, incorrect statements or omissions may be grounds for denied employment.

    5. Disclosure of your Social Security Number is voluntary and is used to make a positive identification of you in the background investigation. Failure to provide this information may result in delaying the application process and may result in inaccurate information/records being assigned to your application packet.

    6. Acknowledgement*