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Employ An Off-Duty Officer


  1. 1. Preface
  2. 2. Section A
  3. 3. Section B
  4. 4. Section C
  5. 5. Section D
  6. 6. Section E
  7. 7. Application - Employer Information
  8. 8. Application - Assignment Information
  • Preface

    1. HPD Secondary Employment Logo
    2. Employment Acknowledgements
      This application WILL NOT be processed unless the "Acknowledgements" for each section have been read and checked by the agent of the business requesting a Huntersville Police Officer(s).
      Acknowledge items A through E above and complete application below. Applications are emailed to the Secondary Employment Coordinator when you click the submit button. You may follow-up by e-mailing ( ). Applications must be submitted no less than five (5) days prior to the job. Please explain the reason why you are requesting to hire an off-duty officer(s), the requested duties of the officer(s), and any other pertinent information in the narrative. If you are hiring officers for a party, or event, please provide a detailed description of the event, including the following information in the narrative: •Anticipated attendance •Band/entertainment scheduled •Advertising •If alcohol will be served •If applicable submit a copy of your ABC permit at the time of application. Assistance for completing the applications can be provided by emailing the Secondary Employment Coordinator at
    4. Applications submitted without sufficient detail or the required payroll information will be rejected, and must be resubmitted with the required information. The employer cannot retain the services of off duty HPD officers until such time as this agreement is acknowledged by an authorized representative of the employer and the Huntersville Police Department (HPD).