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150th Anniversary Celebration: Time Capsule Submission

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  2. 150th Anniversary Celebration: Time Capsule Submission

    The mission of the Sesquicentennial Celebration is to honor the past, celebrate the Town’s culture and traditions, and inspire its continued growth and prosperity into the future. The Town of Huntersville's Sesquicentennial Committee is creating a community time capsule to be installed during the annual Huntersville Christmas Event at Veterans Park on December 3, 2023. 

    Items donated should represent a snapshot of what you love about our Town, for future generations to discover. Submissions will be collected through October 27, 2023.  The Sesquicentennial Committee will review all submissions and decide which items collectively represent the best variety to be included in the installation. 

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    A photo of your item must accompany your submission.  You will be contacted if your item has been accepted by the committee. Items should be no wider than 12 inches and should NOT include hair, rubber, wool, food items, plants, or other living things. 

    For more information or questions, contact Huntersville Parks & Recreation at 704-766-2228 or

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