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Street Light Acceptance or Request

  1. Street Light Acceptance / Request
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  3. Instructions

    This form should be used to request:

    • One or more new street light(s) be added to a neighborhood
    • The Town of Huntersville fund the electrical bill for street lights that have been installed, in the public right-of-way, on a Town-maintained street.   

    Please read the Town's Street Light Policy prior to submitting this form.  

    Questions - contact Public Works (704) 875-7007.

  4. Street Light Detail

    Request to Add a Street Light:   List the number of new lights requested, the name of street and specific location of installation.   Attach signed residential petition and lighting plan.

    Request Town Take Over Energy Bill for Existing Street Lights: List the street light tag # found on the light pole, the name of the street the light is located on and the cross-streets the light is installed on.  Attach the Town approved lighting plan, and proof the buy-down has been met for decorative fixtures.    

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