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  1. Contact Us
  2. Huntersville 101 Interest Form

    Huntersville 101 Interest Form

  1. Guest Speaker Request Form

    Request an elected official or staff member to speak at your next community meeting.

Engineering & Public Works

  1. Adopt-A-Street Application
  2. Curbside Brush Pick-Up

    Request and pay for the Town to collect brush at your residence. The Town does not collect any construction materials. Note: Minimum... More…

  3. Driveway Permit Application
  4. Garbage Complaint Form
  5. PE Certification for Subdivisions and Streets
  6. Request for Residential Traffic Calming
  7. Street Lighting Acceptance Request Form

    New/Additional Street Lighting Request.

  1. Application For Street Acceptance
  2. Curbside Bulk Item Pick-Up

    Request and pay for the Town to collect bulk items at your residence. The Town does not collect any construction materials. Note:... More…

  3. Final Inspection Request Form
  4. Lot Erosion Control Inspection Request

    Online application for Lot EC Site inspection

  5. Public Works Maintenance Request Form

    Requests are sent to the Town's Public Works Department for review, investigation and possible action to be taken in the following... More…

  6. Street Light Maintenance/Repair Request

    Street Light Repair Requests are for street lighting on Town Maintained streets only. Repairs are made by 1 of 3 Town Energy Providers... More…


  1. Ask A Planner

    This form may be used to submit questions or comments to Planning Department Staff.

  2. Code Enforcement Complaint Form

    Use this form to submit a complaint to the Huntersville Code Enforcement.

  3. Planning and Zoning Fees
  4. Zoning Inspection Request

    Complete this form to request a zoning inspection for Commercial and Residential Building, Zoning Use, and Sign Permits.

  1. Board of Adjustment Application
  2. Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board Application
  3. Planning Board Application

    Application for applicants interested in applying to the Planning Board.

Police Department

  1. Contact the recruiter

    General inquiries.

  2. Employ An Off-Duty Officer

    Secondary Employment Application

  3. Teen Citizen's Police Academy Application

    Teen Citizen's Police Academy Application

  4. Vacation Security Check

    Request a Vacation Security Check.

  1. Contact Us Form

    This form is for the Huntersville Police Department and, upon submitting this form, it is sent directly to the Huntersville Police... More…

  2. Request an Officer

    This form is used to request an officer for a community or business event.

  3. Traffic Issue / Report Form

    Report Traffic Issues