How do I locate the zoning of a property? 

  • Visit the project map > Select the Zoning Map tab > Type in the address or parcel ID > Click on the identified parcel and the pop-up box will indicate the zoning. Note that some pop-up boxes have an arrow to navigate to multiple pages of information regarding the parcel. 

What are the permitted uses for a zoning?

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1. Accessory Dwelling/Mother-In-Law Suites
2. Building Codes
3. Building Permits
4. Business License
5. Commercial Projects
6. Decks
7. Fences
8. Home Based Businesses
9. Impervious Area or Built-Upon Area
10. Livestock (Chickens, Goats, Horses, etc.)
11. Nuisance/Violations/Mimimum HousingCode
12. Plat/Survey/Floorplan
13. Setbacks
14. Swimming Pools
15. Water/Sewer/Septic
16. Zoning