What is the Adopt-A-Park Program?

Huntersville Parks and Recreation’s Adopt-A-Park (AAP) Program is designed to encourage the community be hands-on in helping keep Huntersville’s parks clean, safe and attractive. This program creates a framework under which citizens, citizen groups/agencies and organizations can contribute to the Town by "adopting" a park, and agreeing to improve it through litter pick-up, maintaining flower beds, painting, spreading playground mulch and other manual labor. The program also offers the opportunity for people to get more involved in their community in a way that promotes civic pride, appreciation and awareness.

Currently Huntersville Parks and Recreation manages over 400 acres of parkland in 10 parks. The assistance we receive from adopters’ is invaluable as we make every effort to care for our natural resources.

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1. What is the Adopt-A-Park Program?
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