How many carts should I have?

Each resident should have

  • One garbage cart  (most likely gray) 
  • One blue recycling cart
  • One green yard waste cart  

Some townhomes/condominiums do not have yard waste containers since the association has private landscapers maintain the yards.  

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1. When is my garbage, recycle and yard waste collected?
2. My cart was not emptied, who do I call?
3. What can I recycle?
4. My cart is broken. How do I get a new one?
5. How many carts should I have?
6. My home is newly built, who do I call to get a garbage, recycling and yard waste cart delivered?
7. Who maintains trees in front of my property?
8. Who maintains my road?
9. Who do I contact if a street light is out in my neighborhood?
10. When will my street be resurfaced?
11. How can I request parking restrictions be added/removed from my street?
12. What is the Adopt-A-Street Program?