What is the police department’s policy on tattoos?

Directive 1.16 states:

“(a) Tattoos or brands may be visible as long as the tattoo or brand cannot be considered unsuitable, offensive or could bring discredit upon the Police Department.

(b) Applicants for employment and current employees are subject to having their existing tattoos, body modification, body art or brands inspected by the Chief of Police or his/her designee to determine whether they are considered unsuitable, offensive, or could bring discredit upon the agency; and are required to provide photographs of same. Photographs of tattoos located in areas covered by undergarments are not required, however must be disclosed at the time of application for employment. All applicants must complete a Body Art Screening Form and submit it as part of their application package.

(c) The Chief of Police reserves the right to reject applicants based on this policy, and require any employee to cover any tattoos which he/she deems unsuitable, offensive or may bring discredit to the police department.”

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