Engineering & Public Works


101 Huntersville-Concord Road
Huntersville, NC 28070

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Name Title Email Phone
Vacant, Position Administrative Assistant    
Mastrofrancesco, P.E., Lora Transportation Engineer/Project Manager 704-766-2220
Public Works, Engineering & Main Number 704-875-7007
Blackwood, Au'Darius Development Code Enforcement 704-766-2220
Brill, EI, Benjamin Staff Engineer 704-766-2220
Boll, Justin Technician   704-766-2220
Fox, P.E., Kevin Director of Public Works 704-766-2220
Hanville, Mike Public Works Equipment Operator    
Henderson, Kenneth Public Works Equipment Operator    
Helms, Mike Engineering Inspector 704-766-2220
Loftin, Anne Erosion Control Coordinator 704-766-2220
MacIntyre, P.E., Mike Plan Reviewer 704-766-2220
Moore, Zachary Public Works Equipment Operator    
Robbins, Steve Public Works Operations Manager 704-875-7007
Casillas, Israel Public Works Technician    
Staples, Tricia Bond Administrator 704-766-2257
Talbot, Cecil Roadway Coordinator 704-766-2220
Tatu , Candice Project Coordinator 704-875-7007
Trott, P.E., Stephen Director of Engineering 704-766-2220
Whitley, Lonnie Public Works Supervisor 704-875-7007
Cornelius, Freddie Public Works Crew Leader    
Wood, Bob Public Works Crew Leader    
Jenks, Sean Public Works Equipment Operator    
Hersom, Ginger Administrative Assistant 704-875-7007
Sherrill, Rashad Public Works Technician    
Connections of the Carolinas, Waste     704-596-9428
Sowards, Kevin Public Works Technician