Article 2.1 - Applicability

.1 Applicability.

No building, structure, or land shall be used or occupied, nor any building, structure, or part thereof be erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved, enlarged, or structurally altered, nor any changed use be established for any building, structure, or land, nor substantial clearing, grading, filling or excavation be commenced unless in conformity with the general provisions of this ordinance and the specific provisions for the district in which it is located, except as otherwise provided by these regulations.

.2 Exceptions to Applicability.  

These regulations shall not apply to bona fide farms, as defined in Article 12, except that non-farm uses on farms shall be regulated herein, and land within the Mountain Island Lake and Lake Norman Watershed Overlay Districts shall comply with the regulations of Section 3.3.2 and 3.3.3.

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