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For more information, please contact Engineering & Public Works Department at 704-875-7007
I-77 Interchange at Exit 23 and US 21 (Statesville Road) at Gilead Road Intersection
The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has recently begun construction on the Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) over I-77 at exit 23 Gilead Road. The addition of a bridge over I-77 is the first part of constructing the DDI. The US21 and Gilead Road intersection will become a superstreet with restricted left turns, which will allow through traffic to move more efficiently to and from I-77. The US21 project will also connect smaller streets such as Dallas Street, Hillcrest Drive and Commerce Center Drive to US21. 
Downtown Main Street Upgrades
Construction for the Main St project begun in August of 2021 and is expected to last roughly 24 months. For any questions during the construction of the project please contact Kevin Garton, PE at 704-766-2225. The future roadway can be seen here
Patterson Road Extension North
This project consists of extending Patterson Road to the North to intersect with Vanstory Drive, which will help improve connectivity in the area. Both property acquisition and construction for this project has begun. For any questions during this phase of the project contact Kevin Garton, PE at 704-766-2225. 
Beatties Ford at Hambright Intersection Improvements
The objective of this project is to improve the traffic movement at the intersection of Beatties Ford Road and Hambright Road. The project includes the addition of left and right turn lanes and a traffic signal at the intersection. Roadway design is currently being developed and property acquisition has begun.
Ranson Road Improvements from Stumptown to Huntson Reserve

The improvements to this section of Ranson Road will include widening the roadway section between Huntson Reserve Road and Stumptown Road to include 3 lanes with sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides. Improvements for turning movements and pedestrian crossings are also included at the intersection of Stumptown and Ranson. Utility relocation has begun and Roadway construction is anticipated to begin in June 2023 . For questions please contact Kevin Garton, PE at 704-766-2225. A general illustration of the future roadway can be seen here

Huntington Green Community Sidewalk
The Town applied for, and was granted, federal funding for sidewalk design and construction. The project will provide sidewalks for improved pedestrian movement along McCoy Road (SR 2138) and Hambright Road (SR 2117), which will consist of approximately 2,300 and 3,900 linear feet of sidewalk. The design plans are being developed and property acquisition has begun. The proposed sidewalks general location can be seen here
Stumptown Road Extension
This project consists of connecting Stumptown Road from N. Old Statesville Road (US115) eastward to Aberfeld Road as well as extending Seagle Street to the north from Hord Drive to the proposed Stumptown Road alignment. The proposed road section consists of two lanes with sidewalk and bike lane(s). The specific project scope and conceptual plans are in development. The Town is currently coordinating railroad permitting and the environmental study. For more information, visit the Stumptown Road Extension Project page.

A preliminary layout for this project can be seen here.
Gibson Park Drive Phase 2
The proposed improvements to this portion of Gibson Park Drive between S. Church Street and Drake Hill Drive include widening the roadway section to include a 2-lane roadway with curb and gutter and sidewalk(s). Roadway design plans are currently underway and property acquisition will begin soon. 
Seagle Street & Fourth Street Improvements
As part of improving Huntersville’s downtown area, the Town is upgrading both Seagle Street and Fourth Street to 2-lane roadways with curb and gutter and sidewalk. Fourth Street will be improved from Seagle Street to Glendale Drive with the remaining section being upgraded as part of the Main Street project. Seagle Street improvements will include the section between Ramah Church Road and Fourth Street. Roadway design plans are currently underway and property acquisition has begun.

Beatties Ford Road at McCoy Road Intersection Improvements
This proposed project consists of reconfiguring the 5-legged intersection of Beatties Ford Road, McCoy Road, Broadway Street and Overhill Road to improve traffic movements and safety. Several design alternatives will be evaluated to determine the best option considering feasibility, existing utilities, and impacts on stakeholders. Surveying and roadway design is currently underway.
Beatties Ford Road at Gilead Road Intersection Improvements
The Town desires to improve this intersection by adding turn lanes and a traffic signal at the intersection to address safety and increased traffic volumes. Roadway design is currently underway.
David Kenney Farm Road Connection
The project includes extending David Kenney Farm Road to intersect Birkdale Commons Parkway and align with Devenshire Drive as a way of adding connectivity to the area for both pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Surveying and roadway design for a roundabout is currently underway.  Click here for the plan concept.
Holbrook Street Extension
The Holbrook Street Extension project extends west from Pinewood Drive to Dallas Street. This extension of the road ties into Marguerite Lane and allows for access into the Aldi’s plaza.  Construction has been completed for this project.
Vance Road Extension at Bud Henderson Road
The Town of Huntersville desires to provide capacity improvements to Vance Road between Gilead Road and Old Bud Henderson Road. The project will extend and realign Vance Road on the north side. New turn lanes and a traffic signal will improve the traffic flow from Gilead Road to Bud Henderson. Construction for this project begun last Spring and is scheduled to last up to a year. For questions during the construction phase of the project please contact Kevin Garton, PE at 704-766-2225. For project plans click here
Gilead Road West (McCoy to Wynfield Creek)
The improvements to this segment of Gilead Road will include the widening of the existing two-lane section to a four-lane median-divided section. The new cross section will include two (2) vehicular lanes, one (1) bicycle lane and one (1) sidewalk in each direction with median/turn lanes at each intersection. Property Acquisition has begun and construction is anticipated to start in 2024.  Click here for the overall plan concept. 
Ferrelltown Parkway
This project consists of extending Ferrelltown Parkway from Keyes Meadow Way northward to intersect with Ramah Church Road. Turn lanes on Ramah Church Road will also be added as part of this project to accommodate turning movements onto Ferrelltown Parkway. Roadway design is underway.  
McCoy at Hambright
The Town desires to provide vehicular capacity improvements and provisions for all modes of travel at the intersection of McCoy Road and Hambright Road. The current four-way stop intersection will be evaluated and alternative design recommendations, such as, added turn lanes or a roundabout will be considered. Preliminary analysis and design are underway.
McCoy at McIlwaine
This project consists of improving the intersection of McCoy Road and McIlwaine Road to better accommodate vehicular and pedestrian movements. The current four-way stop intersection will be evaluated and alternative design recommendations, such as added turn lanes or a roundabout, will be considered. Preliminary analysis and design are underway. 
The improvements to the existing roundabout and approach legs at Arahova Drive and Boulder Park Drive include redesigning and reconstructing the roundabout to better accommodate commercial vehicles. Construction will be coordinated with the US21/Gilead Road improvement project. Property acquisition has begun.
Commerce Centre Drive
Commerce Centre Drive will be extended south to connect to Holbrook St. The intersection of Commerce Centre Drive and Gilead Rd will be a signalized intersection. The Town has recently started property acquisition.
Church St- Holbrooks Rd to Dellwood
The Town will connect S Church St from Holbrooks Road to Dellwood Drive with a two-lane road and sidewalk. Roadway design is underway.
Seagle St - McCord to 73
Developer designing and constructing new Church St alignment from McCord Rd to northern property line and RAB at McCord/Hagers intersection. Town designing and constructing section from northern property line to NC73 and Westwick Ln connection from the East (approx 400' each). Roadway design underway.
US21 at Northdowns
Modifying intersection of US21 at Northdowns Lane for the installation of a traffic signal. Traffic signal in service, pedestrian signal not yet in service.