The Town of Huntersville offers Bulk and Brush Services to Town Residents. This is a separate service offered by the Town not associated with weekly solid waste services. Residents can request a quote and arrange for brush/bulk pickup by calling the Engineering & Public Works Department at 704-875-7007

Bulk & Brush guidelines

Minimum fee of $40.00 for all requests. Fees collected are based on required tipping fees at approved dump stations. Pickup days are on Monday. All bulk/brush requests must be paid to Huntersville Town Center by Sunday evening (paying online) to be scheduled for the following Monday.

Payments in person must be by cash or check. Credit cards are accepted through submittal of online version.
Scheduled requests must be curbside by Monday at 7:00 a.m., and only requested items will be picked up.
Items can only be removed from curbside. Construction debris is NOT accepted, and this Includes: treated wood (decking/fencing/playsets), wood flooring, carpet, etc.

Bulk Item Pickup Form for Brush (Printable Version)
Bulk Item Pickup Form for Brush (Online Version)
Bulk Item Pickup Form for Major Appliance/Large Garbage/Furniture (Printable Version)
Bulk Item Pickup Form for Major Appliance/Large Garbage/Furniture (Online Version)


Fees for brush are determined based on size.
A single brush pile stacked curbside of 10-feet long by 10-feet wide by 5-feet high is $40.00.
Each additional pile will be an additional $40.00
Dirt and Compost is not accepted

bulk pickup (Appliance/Furniture/Large garbage items)

Accepted items are broken into categories based on size and number of items
Moving boxes and packing paper is accepted.
Construction Debris is not accepted. Includes: treated wood (decking/fencing/playsets), wood flooring, carpet, sheetrock etc.  

Category Items Price of 2 Items Price of Each Additional Item
1 Washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, window unit
air conditioner, pressure washer, water
heater, dishwasher, outdoor grill, metal
outdoor furniture, metal swing set, exercise
equipment, push lawnmower, etc.
$40 $20
2 Standard sofa/love seat, 2 recliners/chairs, wooden 
dining table, 2 coffee or end tables, tv, lamps, 
non-metal exercise equipment, 1- 4 bags or 
boxes of trash, sink/toilet/fiberglass tub, mattress, 
box spring, dresser/desk/hutch, microwave, 
non-metal outdoor furniture (table and two chairs). 
$40 $25
3 Sectional sofa, hot tub, piano, riding lawnmower, trampoline, basketball goal, moving boxes (stacked) $40  
4 Include any “other” items not included in one of the 
three categories. Residents should list and note the 
quantity of those “other” items and contact the Huntersville 
Engineering & Public Works Department for pricing at 704-875-7007.
Call for Pricing  

Other Bulk-Item Disposal Options Available

North Mecklenburg Recycling Center

Residents are welcome to take bulk items, garbage and yard debris to the North Mecklenburg Recycling Center; however, may be subject to disposal fees.

  • The North Mecklenburg Recycling Center is located at 12300 North Statesville Road in Huntersville and is open 7:00am-4:00pm Monday through Saturday.
  • For more information about the North Mecklenburg Recycling Center and Yard Waste Center’s policies, call 980-314-3844.

Greenway Waste at North Meck (Formerly North Mecklenburg Landfill)

  • Construction debris and items not accepted at the North Mecklenburg Recycling can be taken to the North Mecklenburg Landfill for a fee.
  • Facility is located at 15300 Holbrooks Road in Huntersville and is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am-5:00pm and on Saturday from 7:00am-Noon.
  • Additional information can be found on North Mecklenburg Landfill here or by phone at 704-875-3367.

Foxhole Landfill 

  • County residents can take materials to the Foxhole landfill located at 17131 Lancaster Highway in southern Mecklenburg County.

Private Service Providers

  • Several private service providers offer trash and large item pickup for a fee. Listed below are two service providers.