Strategic Economic Development Plan (SEDP)

Preparation of Strategic Economic Development Plan BannerTown Board Adopts Strategic Economic Development Plan (SEDP)

The Town Board unanimously adopted the Town of Huntersville Strategic Economic Development Plan (SEDP) at its October 20th meeting.

The SEDP is intended to guide the Town’s economic development strategy for the next 10-15 years, and includes socioeconomic, real estate market, industry target and cluster analyses, along with an implementation strategy to achieve the policies and recommendations contained in the plan. The SEDP implementation strategy is focused on the following:

  • Coordination of economic development programs and support services
  • Downtown revitalization
  • Entrepreneurial development (fostering start-up business ventures)
  • Management of real estate assets (short, medium and long-term opportunity areas)
  • Regulatory environment (enhancement of development review and approval process)


The overall objective of the SEDP is to promote job creation, private investment and tax base expansion, while maintaining a high quality of life, including preservation and enhancement of the Town’s natural, scenic, cultural and historic assets. The Town of Huntersville SEDP will provide the vision and blueprint to achieve this objective.


The SEDP was prepared by RKG Associates, Inc, an economic, planning and real estate consulting firm with offices located in Alexandria, Virginia, Dallas, Texas and Dover, New Hampshire.

Strategic Economic Development Plan

View the Strategic Economic Development Plan (PDF).


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