Study of Thoroughfares

In 2007, the Mecklenburg-Union Metropolitan Planning Organization (MUMPO), now the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO), began a study of thoroughfares in this area with particular attention to the intersection of the future Vance Road Extension with NC 73 and in the context of the Beatties Ford Road Small Area Plan. That study was initially scoped to determine the alignments for the thoroughfares, however, the study became focused on the future of NC 73 west of the Vance Road Extension/Beatties Ford Road area.


Determination of the alignments of the other thoroughfares known as Birkdale Commons Parkway, Hugh Torrance Parkway, and Ervin Cook Road were delayed. View a Map (PDF) showing the CRTPO adopted alignment for NC 73 as well as potential alignments for the other studied thoroughfares.

In 2016, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) began the study of environmental impacts of widening NC 73 between NC 16 in Lincoln County and I-77 in support of a Transportation Improvement Program project that is scheduled to being construction in 2023. The proposed study will build on the findings of the 2007 study and analyze options to better connect the thoroughfares and other local streets in the vicinity of NC 73 and Beatties Ford Road. This study will coordinate with the NC 73 environmental study to ensure integration of the entire system.


The Project Team's approach to the Northwest Huntersville Transportation Study is to take a comprehensive look at the mobility needs for all travel modes in the study area and incorporate that information into the alignments and cross sections for each of the proposed thoroughfares. The team will ensure that those facilities are both able to be built and functional and that our work products are sufficient to aide staff in protecting appropriate rights of way. Throughout this study we will seek public input to engage, inform and improve the study process.


We will be working with you and your neighbors to find a best available solution. The technical analysis and your involvement will help the Town Board select proper alignments, design, and connections for a comprehensive system of future road, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities.