Article 8.15 - Special Requirements for lots along thoroughfares

.1 Authorization. Pursuant to North Carolina General Statutes 160A-306 and 153A-326 (which state that cities and counties shall have authority to (1) classify all or a portion of the streets within their jurisdictions according to their size, present and anticipated traffic load, and other characteristics relevant to the achievement of the purposes of this section, and (2) establish by ordinance minimum distances that buildings and other permanent structures or improvements constructed along each class or type of street shall be set back from the right-of-way line or the center line of an existing or proposed street) the following requirements shall apply.

.2 Minimum Setbacks Along Thoroughfares. The build-to or set back line for any lot which abuts a thoroughfare classified on the Comprehensive Thoroughfare Plan shall be measured from the proposed right-of-way line, if existing right-of-way is of lesser width. The Proposed Right-Of-Way Line established for each classification of thoroughfare is as follows:


Thoroughfare Classification
Other Major Thoroughfare100-125 
 Minor Thoroughfare
Town Streets (Collector, Local, Alley)Varies according to the standards of Article 5 of the Huntersville Zoning Ordinance and the Town's Engineering Standards and Procedures Manual

.3 Transitional Setback for Lots Along Thoroughfares. A transitional setback or yard shall be established for each lot which abuts a thoroughfare that has an existing right-of-way which is not as wide as the ultimate right-of-way established for that thoroughfare. The transitional setback or yard area established for lots abutting thoroughfares can be used for any purpose allowed by the particular zoning district, except for those permanent uses which are prohibited in the established setbacks or yards. The area between the existing right-of-way and the Proposed Right-of-Way Line may not be used to satisfy any minimum open space requirement, any minimum lot size requirement, or any other minimum requirements imposed by this ordinance. At the time that the proposed right-of-way is dedicated or otherwise acquired for roadway purposes, the property owner shall be responsible for the removal of any uses from the transitional setback or yard that are not otherwise permitted in the yard by the district regulations. The property owner shall have one (1) year from the date of right-of-way acquisition to remove any such uses.

.4 Exceptions. The standards herein prescribing setback from the proposed right-of-way line will not apply to any development for which a preliminary subdivision plan or a conditional district site plan has been approved prior to the effective date of regulations requiring setback from proposed right-of-way lines along thoroughfares. Nor shall they apply to structures in the Town Center District.

.5 Right To Appeal An affected property owner shall have the right to appeal transitional yard or setback requirements to the Board of Adjustment for variance or modification as they apply to a particular piece of property. The Board of Adjustment may vary or modify these requirements upon a showing that:

(a) The peculiar nature of the property results in practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships that impede carrying out the strict letter of the requirements, and

(b) The property will not yield a reasonable return or cannot be put to reasonable use unless relief is granted, and

(c) Balancing the public interest in enforcing the setback requirements and the interest of the owner, the grant of relief is required by considerations of justice and equity.

(d) In granting relief, the Board of Adjustment may impose reasonable and appropriate conditions and safeguards to protect the interests of neighboring properties. The Board of Adjustment's decision shall be subject to review by the superior court by proceedings in the nature of certiorari in accordance with NC.G.S 160A-388 (e).

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