Article 8.14 - General Standards for Driveway Permitting

.1 No driveway or other point of access to a public street shall be constructed, relocated, or altered unless a driveway permit is obtained from the Town of Huntersville or the State of North Carolina, whichever jurisdiction applies. The applicant shall comply with the most restrictive standards.

.2 For development projects composed of multiple buildings and lots, access to the pre-existing public street system shall be determined by the location of proposed intersecting streets. Except for lots in the Conservation Subdivision, no parcel of land which is a functional part of the overall development, even though it may be removed by the developer from the rest of the project area by subdivision or by metes and bounds description, shall be permitted to have driveway access to the public streets bounding the project area.

.3 In a residential major subdivision, access to individual lots from streets constructed as part of the subdivision shall be reviewed and approved at the time each building permit is issued. Individual driveway permits are not required on a lot by lot basis.

.4 Determination of the location and design of access to the public street system shall be made by professional reviewers based on a contextual examination of the site, surrounding development, potential traffic generated on the site, current and future surface transportation system needs, special polices which might exist for the corridor being accessed, and state of the practice principles for access management as promulgated by the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Transportation Research Board.

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