7.7 Street Trees & Internal Landscaping

.1 Purpose The purpose of this section is to regulate the protection, installation, and long-term management of trees and shrubs within the Town. The regulation of street trees along public and private streets within the Town ensures a pedestrian friendly environment along with providing distinct aesthetic, economic and environmental significance, and value as a future natural resource to the Town.

.2 Spacing and Location of Street Trees

Street trees are required to be within a minimum 7 foot planting strip located between the existing street and proposed sidewalk. Planting shall be provided as follows:

(a) Large maturing canopy trees shall be planted at a spacing not to exceed 40 feet on center except that spacing may be altered slightly to accommodate driveways.

(b) Small maturing “canopy -like” trees shall be planted 30 feet on center where existing overhead utility lines prohibit the use of large maturing canopy trees.

(c) For property located on a major or minor thoroughfare, excluding the Town Center (TC) zoning district, an additional row of street trees are required to be located behind the proposed sidewalk in a 10-foot landscape easement to be recorded on a plat of record prior to issuance of a building permits. The interior row of trees shall be staggered from the trees provided within the right-of-way.

(d) All street trees must be listed as an approved street tree on The Town of Huntersville Tree and Shrub List.

.3 Supplemental Landscaping Provisions for Residential Lot Trees

(a) New Trees

In order to maintain or replenish the urban tree canopy in areas of new residential subdivision, except when located in the TOD-R zoning district, each lot shall provide canopy trees in accordance with the following schedule:                                                                          

Lot Size
Required Number of Canopy Trees
 Less than 10, 000 sq./ft. 1 Front yard, 1 Rear Yard
 10,000 -15,000 sq./ft. 1 Front yard, 2 Rear Yard
 15,001 – 20,000 sq./ft. 2 Front yard, 2 Rear Yard
 More than 20,000 sq./ft. 3 Front yard, 3 Rear Yard

(b) Existing Trees

The use of existing trees to satisfy this requirement is encouraged. Supplemental plantings may be required in the addition to native material. Existing canopy trees over 6'" in caliper may be counted towards fulfilling this requirement. Required street trees may not be counted towards the fulfillment of this requirement.

(c) Location and Spacing

All trees required within this section shall be planted within the private lot and must be spaced at a width sufficient to accommodate mature growth. All trees shall be listed as an approved tree on The Town of Huntersville Tree and Shrub List.

.4 Internal Landscaping Requirements for off-street parking in Commercial Development

Please refer to Article 6 for internal landscaping requirements for parking lots in commercial developments.