7.1 Applicability

.1 This Article shall apply to any activity, which requires the issuance of a Land Disturbing permit, except as follows:

(a) This Article shall not apply to any portion of property included within the limits of a valid Land Disturbing Permit issued prior to February 17, 2003 (the effective date of this Part), provided that all time constraints relating to the permit issued shall be observed. In no event shall any vested project be extended for a greater time period than 24 months from the date of enactment of this ordinance.

(b) All plant and/or tree nurseries and botanical gardens shall be exempt from the terms and provisions of this ordinance in relation to those trees which are being grown for relocation and continued growth in the ordinary course of business or for some public purpose.

(c) Land clearing or clearing and grubbing activities for agricultural purposes shall be exempt from the provisions of this ordinance and requires a valid permit issued by Mecklenburg County.

(d) Timber harvesting (selective cutting or clear-cutting) for pulpwood or saw timber shall be exempt within all zoning districts and requires a bona-fide farm permit issued by Mecklenburg County or have a Forest Management Plan written by the NC Forest Service or Registered Forester.

(e) Subdivisions approved prior to February 17, 2003 which are vested under the provisions of Section 2.2 of this ordinance are subject to the landscaping requirements in effect at the time of vesting.