The Huntersville Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team consists of 14 officers including a Team Commander and Tactical Team Leader. The SWAT Team is also supported by MEDIC with Tactical Medics that train and respond to all call outs of the SWAT Team. They are joined by the Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) which consists of seven members including a Team Commander. Both teams train separately and jointly on an annual basis.

The SWAT Team utilizes as many facilities as possible for training to increase the team’s familiarity with a variety of structures and present as many variables as possible to enhance the thought processes and the leadership skills of the Team members. This includes running scenario based drills to place individual officers in the role of incident command and responsible to assign officers as they arrive on the scene until the SWAT Command Team is able to respond. Members of the Team have traveled to Ft. Bragg to participate in a two-day training session with the base tactical team. They also had the opportunity to utilize a live fire shoot house and participate in weapons drills being led by a retired U.S. Army Special Operations member and a retired U.S. Navy Special Operations member.

These teams prove their dedication and skill in numerous operations throughout the year.