Sign Permit

Why do I need a Sign Permit?

To maintain public safety and traffic safety by ensuring that signs are properly designed, constructed, installed, and maintained;

  • To minimize the distractions and obstruction of view that contribute to traffic hazards and endanger public safety;
  • To protect existing development and promote high standards of quality in new development by encouraging appropriately designed, placed, and sized signage;
  • To provide an effective guide for communicating identification through signage while preventing signs from dominating the visual appearance of the areas in which they are located.

When do I need a Sign Permit? 

Except as otherwise provided in this ordinance, it shall be unlawful to construct, enlarge, move or replace any sign or cause the same to be done, without first obtaining a sign permit for such sign from the Mecklenburg County Building Standards Department or designated permitting agency. In addition, a certificate of occupancy for the change in the use of property shall require compliance with Article 10, 

Notwithstanding the above, changing or replacing the permanent copy on an existing lawful sign shall not require a permit, provided the copy change does not change the nature of the sign so as to render it in violation of this ordinance. A legal non-conforming off-premise advertising sign that changes from utilizing external illumination to internal illumination or self-luminous or from a static copy to changeable message copy shall be considered a change of nature and is in violation of this ordinance.

How can I apply for a Sign Permit? 

All Sign Permits must be submitted electronically through the Mecklenburg County Internet Permitting and Inspection System. Mecklenburg County will then electronically route the Sign Permit to Huntersville for review. 

Each sign permit application must include the following for Town zoning approval:

  • Site Plan showing the location of the sign and distance from Right-of-Way and Sight Triangle
  • Drawing(s) to show all dimensions of the sign, including the area of changeable copy and ground clearance. 

Here is an example with helpful instructions for the site plan and sign drawings. 

Does a Master Sign Program apply to your area?

You can view the Master Sign Program map here to determine if it applies to your Sign Permit. If you have additional questions you may email the Permits team or contact us by telephone at: 704-875-7000.

Useful Documents


Zoning Ordinance Article 10: Signs