Major Subdivision Sketch Plan

Prior to the filing of an application for approval of a major subdivision Preliminary (Construction) Plan for a major subdivision, a Sketch Plan shall be submitted to the Planning Director and any Designated Administrative Agent for review subject to Section 6.300 of the Subdivision Ordinance.

Subdivision, Major. A subdivision not otherwise exempt from these regulations that involves any of the following:

  1. The creation of any new public street, but does not include the public acquisition by purchase of strips of land for the widening or opening of streets or for public transportation system corridors or the location of public utility rights-of-way. 
  2. A future public school, park, greenway, or open space site shown in any adopted plan or policy document. 
  3. A multi-building site. 
  4. The installation of drainage improvements through one or more lots to serve one or more other lots. 
  5. The installation of a private wastewater treatment plant or a private water supply system for more than one lot or building site.

Useful Documents


Subdivision Ordinance 6.310 and 6.550

Zoning Ordinances 7.13