TA 17-02 - Electronic Message Boards

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Project Name:TA 17-02 - Electronic Message Boards
Applicant:University City Church
Section:Article 10.7, Footnote 1(b)
Description:University City Church would like to amend the ordinance to allow electronic message boards to change once every 2 hours not to exceed 12 times per 24 hour period.
Town Public Hearing:May 1, 2017
Planning Board:May 23, 2017
Town Board Final Action:June 5, 2017
Plan Reviewer:Meredith Nesbitt and Brian Richards
Contact Information:Meredith Nesbitt (Email Meredith Nesbitt; 704-766-2298); Brian Richards (Email Brian Richards; 704-766-2218)
Status:Approved June 5, 2017
Approved Ordinance (PDF)