TA 17-03 - Planning Board Term Limit

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Project Name:TA 17-03 - Planning Board Term Limit, Planning Board Deferrals, and TR Sideyard Setback Cleanup
Applicant:Huntersville Planning Board
Section:Article 4 - Detached House Type; Article 11.4.2(b) and Article 11.4.7(b)
Description:This application is serving to amend 3 sections of the Zoning Ordinance. (1) Adjust the Planning Board Term Limits (2) Allow the Planning Boar the ability to defer action two times instead of one time (3) Clean up Article 4 so that the TR side setback reflects the TR side setback listed in Article 3.
Town Public Hearing:June 5, 2017
Planning Board:June 27, 2017
Town Board Final Action:July 17, 2017
Plan Reviewer:Meredith Nesbitt
Contact Information:Email
Phone: 704-766-2298
Status:Part 1 - Planning Board Term Limits - Denied
Part 2 - Planning Board Deferrals - Approved
Part 3 - Article 4 TR Side Yard Cleanup - Approved
Application & Proposed Ordinance (PDF)
Approved Ordinance (Part 2 - Planning Board Deferrals & Part 3 - TR Side Yard Cleanup) (PDF)
The Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board reviewed and recommended approval of the proposed changes to the Planning Board terms limits and the Planning Board deferrals at the April 6, 2017 meeting.