Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement works to ensure compliance with Huntersville Zoning Ordinances. Minimum standards apply to things such as housing, overgrowth of vegetation, outdoor storage, abandoned/inoperable vehicles, and overall maintenance of property. Meeting these minimum requirements helps to ensure safe, healthy places to live, work and play. It also helps reduce the risk of declining property values.

Examples of potential violations to report to code enforcement:

  • Junk, trash, debris
  • Overgrown grass
  • Fence violations
  • Improper outdoor storage 
  • Abandoned/inoperable vehicles
  • Work without a permit
  • Sign violations

Report a Code Enforcement Violation

If you see a potential violation you may report it by:


Call 704-875-7000 and request to report a potential code enforcement violation


Submit a complaint

All code enforcement reports and violations are a matter of public record. Violations may be reported anonymously. 

Where to report other violations

All other violations are managed by Huntersville Police Department. View the list of which number to call here

  • Emergencies
  • Noise ordinance complaints (Loud noises, parties, gun shots, fireworks)
  • Animal violations

When there is a violation

When we receive a complaint, our Code Compliance Officer investigates to verify there is in fact a violation of the ordinance. If there is, a Notice of Violation is sent to the property owner. In most cases, the property owner has 15 calendar days to correct the violation. If it is not corrected, we then begin imposing fines until correction. Eventually, depending on the type and severity of the violation, the town may bring legal action upon the property owner to collect the civil penalties and obtain compliance with the ordinance.


Zoning Ordinance - applies within Town of Huntersville and ETJ

Code of Ordinances - applies within Town of Huntersville

Contact Information

Phone: 704-875-7000