Moving Ahead

Transit-Friendly Land Plans

Huntersville is an enthusiastic partner with Charlotte and the five other towns in Mecklenburg County to develop an integrated transit/land plan for rapid transit. The north corridor, because of its rapid growth and transit-friendly land plans, is a viable candidate for the first commuter rail line in the region. The north Mecklenburg County towns are also partnering in a related effort to develop detailed urban design plans for future station areas.

Sustainable Development

As we look to the 30-year future, the advantages of applying sustainable development principles are clear. The windfall economic development being experienced in Huntersville is the direct result of offering a small town quality of life in proximity to a major urban area. However the practice of suburban sprawl is fully ingrained in the thinking of designers, developers, builders, and financial institutions. Shaping new development to fit town goals for sustainability requires constant redirection of the professionals who work in our region. We remind each developer that he is building a piece of the town. After years of experience with the new development code, we see projects of substantially better quality underway. The work required to redirect building and development practices appears to be well worth the effort.