Commercial Building Permits

Zoning Review

All building permits for properties located in Huntersville require zoning approval from the Town of Huntersville, including new construction, additions, demolitions, interior up-fits, accessory structures, etc. Building and trade permits for commercial development are submitted through Mecklenburg County Permitting Systems and electronically routed to Town Staff for review.

New Commercial Construction

The review for new commercial construction must be compliant with the most recently approved land development plans for the property. Zoning review for building permits will not be granted without approved land development plans. Fees are collected through the Mecklenburg County Permitting System. 

Changes to Existing Development

Most changes to existing development do not require additional land development review before zoning approval of the building or trade permit such as the replacement of existing mechanical equipment with the same type of equipment, interior equipment upgrades, fire sprinkler drawings and other similar reviews. Zoning review fees for changes to existing developments or commercial up-fit reviews area "Commercial Zoning Review" fee paid through the Town website here

Some changes to existing development require site plan review and approval by the Town before zoning approval is granted for building permits such as, but not limited to: expansions of existing structures, expansions of parking areas, accessory structures, new uses on site, and changes of use (ex. residential to commercial, office to restaurant, restaurant to school, etc.). 

To learn if the scope of work for your project requires site plan review and approval by the Town before zoning approval is granted for building permits please contact us by email or by calling 704-875-7000 before submitting building permits.

Zoning Deferred Status

The Huntersville Planning Department will be notified by Mecklenburg County to perform a zoning review on your permit.  Your permit application will remain in a deferred status until we have completed the zoning review. 

  • If you do not see any action taken by Huntersville within 3 business days of submittal, PLEASE contact us by email or by calling 704-875-7000. 
  • Please provide your permit number and property address so that we can locate your permit within Mecklenburg County's online system.

If you have any questions on the process, we encourage you to contact us by email or call us 704-875-7000.