High-Density Development

Efficient & Responsive

Huntersville will generally concentrate higher-density development where existing highways and future rail lines are located. Rural areas-many of which lie in state-protected watersheds--should experience less development, more open space preservation, and the establishment of small, walkable village centers as an alternative to wall-to-wall subdivisions. The Town must always respect the rights of individual property owners to develop their land, but to do so in accordance with growth policies established by the Town's elected officials.

Huntersville will work to design communities that are transit-supportive wherever possible. The Town cannot rely solely on the private automobile forever and must constantly study the important link between land use and transportation. It is impossible to build one's way out of congestion by constructing more and more roads while ignoring land use patterns. Other transportation alternatives will be pursued (buses, rail service, paratransit) that can be used to mitigate congestion and offer alternatives to residents that are unable to depend on the private automobile.

It is not unreasonable to declare that Huntersville should be a distinct and beautiful community, as well as an efficiently-run and responsive municipal operation. For example, while the Town does not regulate architectural style, the community has every right to demand the highest level of excellence in building design, streetscapes, pedestrian amenities, preservation of special places, and enhancement of community distinctiveness.