Projects - Street Resurfacing

Street Resurfacing List (Planned)

The 2024 street resurfacing project is expected to begin this fall/winter.  Please check back soon for additional details.   


Can I drive on the road while it is being repaved

  • Yes. A milled road will still have a stable asphalt and stone layer to drive on. Fresh asphalt can be driven on immediately after a smooth drum roller has done it’s first pass. 

Can I park on the road while it is being resurfaced?

  • No. While the road is being resurfaced, we ask all residents to refrain from parking on the street as the vehicle will be in the way of the milling and paving equipment.

How long does the entire process take?

  • The time frame is dependent upon the length, width, and condition of the road. 
  • Generally, milling takes less than a day and occurs 1-2 days prior to repaving. 
  • Repaving takes around one day to fully complete, but the time is dependent upon asphalt and dump truck availability.

What can I expect during the resurfacing process?

  • You can expect intermittent lane closures, increased traffic of construction equipment (mainly dump trucks hauling away the old road surface and delivering new asphalt), and minor traffic delays. 
  • All residents will always have access to their properties and the work will be done between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. 

Resurfacing Process

  1. Each road on the list will be milled and repaved. 
  2. Milling is the process of removing the top 1.5” of asphalt from the existing street. We then evaluate the subgrade and patch any areas that may be failing or be a source of future failure. 
  3. Once all milling and patching is complete, crews will lay down 1.5 inches of new asphalt. 
  4. Any necessary pavement striping is applied.
  1. Engineering & Public Works