Trees in the Right-of-Way

Tree Maintenance

The Town does not maintain any street trees.  Per Article 7 of the Town of Huntersville Zoning Ordinance, the closest property owner is responsible for street tree maintenance.   Maintenance includes replacement and trimming as necessary.  Residents, Homeowners Associations (HOA) and/or Condominium Associations (COA) are encouraged to trim trees to ensure street sign visibility.    

Tree Limbs Blocking Street Sign Visibility

The following guidelines may assist with tree trimming to ensure street sign visibility.

  • Remove all limbs within 2 feet of any sign.
  • Speed limit signs should be clearly visible when standing in the middle of the street, 175 feet back from the sign.
  • Remove low branches below 7 feet to maintain sidewalk and road clearance.
  • Maintain intersection sign distances by trimming bushes above 2.5 feet and tree limbs below 7 feet to ensure a stopped vehicle can see an approaching vehicle at least 300 feet from the intersection. 

Moving a Street Sign

In certain instances, a street sign may need to be moved to increase visibility. The HOA, COA or resident shall not relocate any Town street signs. Please contact Public Works at 704-875-7007.

Trees Near Utility Power Lines

Any concern about a tree or tree limb(s) in, on, or around utility power lines should be directed to the energy provider.  

Fallen / Down Street Tree

The nearest property owner is responsible for fallen street trees.  Town may remove a tree that has fallen into the roadway, up to the curbside.  To report a tree that has fallen into the road, or is obstructing a public sidewalk, contact Public Works at 704-875-7007 or submit a Maintenance Request form.