Bulk Item and Brush Pick-Up

About this Service

Public Works offers curbside pick-up of residential bulk items, every Monday, starting at 7:00 a.m., for a fee.   This service must be scheduled and paid for in advance, by completing the appropriate online form located below.  This is a separate service offered by the Town of Huntersville and is not part of the weekly trash service.  

This service is intended to help residents remove a few, large, bulky items. It is not intended for large cleanout or moveouts. Residents requesting collections deemed too large will be contacted and asked to find an alternative disposal option.  Some other disposal options are provided below, as a courtesy.  Town is not affiliated with any business listed in the "Other Disposal Options" section.   

Town does not offer bulk pick up at Apartment complexes or at addresses outside of the Town's Corporate Limits.   Please contact us if jurisdictional clarification is needed. 

What are Bulk & Brush Items?

Bulk waste includes common residential household items and/or compostable items from residents yards that are too large to fit inside the roll-out carts.  Some examples include; 

  1. Household bulk items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, new-move cardboard, exercise equipment, bicycles etc.
  2. A brush pile  of sticks, twigs, shrubs and/or small branches no larger than 4" in diameter and/or 4 ft in length, that are neatly stacked together, in a single pile.  The pile should be no larger than 10' W x 10' L x 5' H.  
  3. Leaves placed in 25-gallon, brown paper or clear plastic bags.  Maximum weight of each bag is 25 pounds.



  • Place items curbside by 7:00 am on the collection day - Monday
  • Place items at least 3 feet away from other collection items and obstacles such as roll-out carts, mailboxes, power poles, vehicles, etc.
  • Break down cardboard boxes so they lay flat
  • Create a neat pile of yard debris no larger than 10' W x 10' L x 5' H 
  • Cut brush and small branches into 4 foot lengths
  • Place leaves inside a 25-gallon, or smaller, brown paper or clear plastic bag.   Each bag weighing no more than 25 pounds.


  • Block the sidewalk, roadway or gutters
  • Allow landscape contractors to leave debris at your residence 
  • Place dirt, grass, lawn clippings, leaves  mud, mulch, or rocks in the pile at the curb
  • Place construction debris curbside.  It will not be collected
  • Place any treated wood, wooden pallets, hardwood flooring or wooden playsets curbside
  • Place tree stumps, whole cuttings of mature trees or limbs larger than 4" diameter curbside 

*Town reserves the right to refuse pick-up of items that have not been properly prepared.  If the  issue is corrected, the item will be picked up the following week.  


There is a minimum fee of $40 for all requests.  Requests must be scheduled and paid for by midnight, Sunday, to be considered for Monday's  7 a.m. collection.  Fees may be paid online, via credit card.  Cash or check payments are accepted at Town Hall.  If the item being disposed of is not listed below, contact Public Works (704) 875-7007 before scheduling a pick-up.

Standard Size Bulk Item:   Bicycle, Box spring, 

Chair (2 chairs = 1 item),   Desk,   Dining table (wood or metal), Dishwasher,   Dresser,  Exercise equipment (metal only), Hutch,   Lamps (2 floor or table lamps = 1 item),   Love seat,   Mattress,   Microwave,  Mini-fridge,   Moving boxes - flattened and stacked (40 flattened boxes = 1 standard item) and packing paper has been bagged,   Outdoor furniture (metal or plastic only, no treated wood),   Outdoor grill, Pressure washer,  Push lawnmower,  Range top, Sink.   Sofa (3 cushions),   Swing set (metal only),   Tables (2 coffee or end tables = 1 item),   Television (flat screen LCD/LED only),   Toilet,   Trash (up to 4 bags =1 item),   Trash compactor, Tub (fiberglass only),   Water heater,   Window unit air conditioner  

$40 for 1 or 2 items

$25 each additional item
Oversize Bulk Item:   Basketball goal, Chest freezer (max size: 8.7 cu ft, 100 lbs, 41" W x 34" H x 24" D), Dryer,  Hot tub, Piano (spinet, console, studio, and upright only),   Refrigerator (max size = 36"),   Riding lawn mower,    Sectional sofa,  Stove,   Trampoline,   Washing Machine 
$40 per item  
Brush:   a single, neatly stacked pile, no larger than 10' W x 10' L x 5 ' H grouping of sticks, twigs and small branches, cut into 4 ft lengths.   Max branch size is 4" diameter.   $40 per pile
Bags of Leaves:   Up to 60 brown or clear bags of leaves.  25-gallon bag or smaller.  Each bag weighing 25 pounds or less. 

$40 for 1 to 60 bags

$1 each additional bag

Note:  Call Public Works for specific item/fee questions.  Pictures of the item may be requested.

Items Not Accepted

Town does not take the following non-compliant items:   Bamboo,  Block,  Branches/ limbs over 4” in diameter or 4 ft in length,  Brick,   Carpet,  Chest freezers over 8.7 cu ft,   Concrete,   Construction debris,  Demolition debris,  Dirt,  Flooring,  Full cutting of mature trees,  Gas cans,  Hardwood flooring,  Hazardous materials,  Logs,  Lumber,  Mulch,  Paint cans,  Piano (grand or baby grand),  Rocks,  Rugs,  Sheet rock,  Shingles,  Sod,  Televisions – projection tube (CRT) or rear projection (DLP) models,  Tires,  Treated wood of any kind,  Tree stumps,  Vines (of any kind), Wooden outdoor furniture or playsets (treated),  Wooden pallets.  

  • Construction Debris is not classified as household waste and cannot be collected. This includes Carpet, Lumber, Sheetrock, Shingles, Brick, Block, Concrete and Flooring.  
  • Hazardous materials is not collected by Town.  This includes; Oil Based Paint, Explosive or Flammable liquids or materials, Pesticides or Normal Household Cleaners including Aerosols. 

Schedule a Pick-Up

Bulk items are picked up on Mondays, except when a holiday falls on a Monday.   If a holiday falls on a Monday, pick-up will occur on Tuesday.   Town does not pick up at Apartment complexes.  

Bulk Item & Brush Pick-Up Request

Other Disposal Options

Residents can take their recyclable materials, yard waste, bulky waste, electronic waste, and household hazardous waste to any of the four Mecklenburg County full-service drop-off centers Monday - Saturday from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.   A fee may apply. 

  1. Bulk - Standard
  2. Bulk - Oversized
  3. Brush & Leaves

$40 for two items;  $25 each additional item

  • Bicycle
  • Box Spring
  • Chair (2 chairs = 1 item)
  • Desk
  • Dining table (wood or metal)
  • Dishwasher
  • Dresser
  • Exercise equipment (metal)
  • Hutch
  • Lamp (2 lamps floor or table = 1 item)
  • Lawn mower (push)
  • Love seat
  • Mattress
  • Microwave
  • Mini-fridge
  • Moving boxes - flattened & stacked
  • Outdoor furniture (metal or plastic only. no treated wood)
  • Outdoor grill
  • Packing paper (bagged)
  • Pressure washer
  • Range top
  • Sink
  • Sofa / couch  (3 cushions)
  • Swing set  (metal only)
  • Table  (2 coffee or end tables = 1 item)
  • Television (flat screen LCD/LED only)
  • Toilet
  • Trash (up to 4 bags = 1 item)
  • Trash compactor
  • Tub (fiberglass only)
  • Water heater
  • Window unit air conditioner