Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste 

Collection Schedule

Waste Connections provides residential garbage, recycling and yard waste cart collection. Garbage and yard waste is collected each week.  Recycling is collected every other week.  

Find your garbage, recycling and yard waste collection day.


Waste Connections observes three holidays:   New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.  

During observed holidays, collection is delayed one day.  If the holiday falls on a Friday, collection will occur on Saturday.  Holidays that fall on a weekend do not impact the collection schedule.

Collection Guidelines


  • Put carts curbside by 7:00 am on your collection day
  • Leave three feet of space between each cart so the trucks mechanical "arm" can grip each cart
  • Put carts at least four feet away from stationary objects like mailboxes, power poles, fire hydrants, trees and cars
  • Close the lid completely, and place lid hinge away from the road
  • Bag your trash.  Garbage not bagged ends up on the ground and in yards
  • Break down cardboard boxes into 3 foot x 3 foot pieces so they fit inside the cart with the lid closed
  • Use the Mecklenburg County Solid Waste and Recycling webpage or their Wipe-Out-Waste Guide to identify the proper way to dispose of an item. 
  • Break limbs and branches into 4 foot pieces so they fit inside the cart with the lid closed


  • Put items on top of or next to the cart.  These items will not be collected
  • Allow carts or leaf collection bags to block sidewalks, roadways or gutters.
  • Bag recyclables 
  • Put plastic shopping bags, zip-top food storage bags, or plastic wrap inside the recycle cart
  • Bag yard waste - this includes grass clippings. (leaves may be bagged)
  • Allow limbs or branches to extend up from the top rim of the cart
  • Allow private landscapers or contractors to use your cart
  • Overfill the cart.  A full cart has a closed lid.  If the lid is open, the cart is overfilled and non-compliant
  • Put non-compliant items in the cart (i.e. hazardous waste, hot coals / charcoal, etc.).  Non-compliant carts will not be collected  

Non-Compliant Items

Carts that do not meet the above criteria will be tagged as non-compliant and will not be picked up. If the resident makes the cart conform, it will be collected at the next regular scheduled pick-up. Do not leave cart(s) curbside until the next pick-up date, or a fee may be issued.  

New Move Cardboard

New residents may contact Waste Connections to place a service request for a one-time, curbside collection of up to 25, flattened, cardboard boxes, on their next recycle day.   Each box must be broken down into 3 ft x 3 ft pieces.  Extremely large (appliance) boxes cannot be collected if not broken down.

What Is Yard Waste?

Yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings, small tree limbs, shrubbery trimmings, pinecones, dead plants, flowers and vegetable debris, ivy, twigs, and other organic material removed in the general maintenance of a property by the homeowner. 

Yard waste is not construction debris, demolition debris, dirt, brick, rock, block, sod, mud, pavement, cutting of entire trees or any other material that could be defined as household waste or material that is not compostable.  These items will not be collected. 


Leaves may be placed inside the green yard waste cart for weekly collection.  During leaf collection season, from November 1 to January 15 of each year, residents may put additional leaves inside 25-gallon or smaller brown paper biodegradable bags.  Other acceptable options are clear/transparent plastic bags, or black plastic bags.  If using black plastic bags, the bags must be left untied. 

  • A maximum of 5 bags of leaves will be collected weekly during regular months.
  • A maximum of 10 bags of leaves will be collected weekly from November 1 to January 15.
  • Each bag placed out for collection cannot exceed 75 pounds.
  • Leaves will only be collected when placed inside clear plastic bags, brown recyclable bags, or black plastic bags that are left untied.  Leaves placed in any other type of container will not be collected. This includes Burrito Bags and personal trash cans of any kind. 
  • Residents may also take yard waste to a Mecklenburg County Drop-Off Disposal and Recycling Center A fee may apply.

Holiday Waste

Natural / live Christmas trees, garland and wreaths are collected curbside, for the two weeks after December 25th.  Remove all wires, lights, garland, tinsel, ornaments, etc.  NO Artificial items will be accepted.    

Hazardous Materials

Visit the Mecklenburg County Solid Waste and Recycling website or read their Wipe Out Waste Guide for hazardous material disposal options.  

Other Disposal Options

Other methods of disposal are listed below in the event you have more waste then what fits inside the designated cart with the lid closed.

  1. Request Bulk Item or Brush Pick Up service from Public Works.  A disposal fee applies. 
  2. Take items to a Mecklenburg County Full Service Drop-Off Disposal and Recycling Center.  Contact the site directly to confirm if a disposal fee applies. 
  3. Contact Waste Connections to purchase additional carts.  A fee, per cart applies.  
  4. Contact a private service provider.  

Contact Public Works 704-875-7007 to report ongoing service concerns or submit the Ongoing Garbage Concern form.