150th Anniversary Celebration Committee

The Town has created this committee to plan various events to take place in 2023 to celebrate Huntersville's 150 years as a town. The committee will be meeting monthly to plan these events.  Please check the website for dates and times of these meetings and links to join virtually, when applicable. We look forward to planning some great events for the community to participate in.  

Click for February agenda:  February Agenda

Below is the list of committee members:

Sarah Banks
Taylor Brock Hutto
Amelia Burnett (Staff - HPD)
Jessica Bustamante
Shawn Caldwell
Carmen Cousin
April Dunn (representing the Greenway, Trail & Bikeway Commission)
Samuel Harper
Sam James
Kathy Jones
Denise Kasper
Beverly Mitzel
Cayley Mullen
Ash Munro (representing the Parks & Recreation Commission)
Joe Reale
Julia Rogers
Eric Rowles
Bill Walter
Beatrice Springs
Bill Suthard (Staff - HFD)