Article 9.62 - Dormitory

Dormitories for a bona fide farm are permitted in the Rural and Transitional Zoning Districts subject to a Special Use Permit according the procedures of Article 11.4.10. The Town Board shall issue a special use permit for the use in a Rural or Transitional Residential Zoning District if, but not unless, the evidence presented at the Special Use Permit hearing establishes:

 1. The use will not endanger health and safety, does not substantially reduce the value of nearby property.

 2. The use does not conflict with long range plans.

 3. The use does not constitute a nuisance to adjoining properties with respect to noise, dust, fumes, odor, and traffic. 

4. Buildings, parking, trash facilities shall be setback at least 100’ from any adjoining property line and 500’ from any public street right-of-way. 

5. The use shall be visual screened year round from all adjoining properties and public streets. 

6. The driveway and parking area shall, at minimum, be ground asphalt 

7. The dormitory is located on a bona fide farm of at least 100 contiguous acres and is on the land being farmed by the occupants on a full time basis. 

8. The dormitory cannot exceed 2 stories in height; 15,000 sq. ft. per building; and five buildings total. 

9. Building and housing will be constructed and maintained to meet H-2A program requirements or similar federal programs applicable at the time.