ROW Abandonment - A Portion of Patterson Road

Project Details
Project Name:Right of Way Abandonment - A Portion of Patterson Road
Owner:Tyler R. Wyatt and Jessica L. Wyatt
Applicant:Tyler R. Wyatt
Tax Parcel:Road adjoins tax parcels 01740101 and 01723311
Acreage:0.145 (area of right-of-way to be abandoned)
Location:Northeast corner of Hambright Road and Patterson Road
Description of Request:Request to abandon a portion of Patterson Road that is no longer needed due to a realignment of the road at Hambright Road. 
Planning Reviewer:Lora Mastrofrancesco
Contact Information:Email Lora Mastrofrancesco
Office: 704-766-2224
Town Board Public Hearing:November 15, 2021
Town Board Final Action:November 15, 2021
Documents:Abandonment Petition
Abandonment Survey
Abandonment Metes and Bounds Description