Property and Evidence

The Property and Evidence Unit receives, secures, and preserves all property and evidence that is found or seized within the jurisdiction of Huntersville. It is responsible for maintaining the chain of custody to ensure the integrity of all property that comes into their possession.

Claiming and Retrieving Property

Property may be returned to rightful owners once the investigating officer or District Attorney's Office has authorized its release. To pick up property you must make an appointment with the Property and Evidence Technician.

When you arrive be sure to have

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of ownership 
  • Related forms/documents


Firearms seized as evidence may only be returned to an owner once documentation from the District Attorney’s office authorizing its release has been received. 

  • All firearms that come into the possession of the Huntersville Police Department are subject to a Trace through the ATF
  • All owners are subject to a background check before firearms are returned

Found and Unclaimed Property

Found and unclaimed property is held for 180 days, with exception to bicycles which are held for 60 days. In accordance with NC law the Huntersville Police Department advertises found and unclaimed property 30 days prior to it being sold or disposed of in order that owners or claimants may retrieve these items.


9am - 4pm



Front Desk:     (704) 464-5400

Office:     (704) 464-5362

Lost and Found

Ready to be Claimed
Remote control car(s) and accessories
Backpacks with personal property