Traffic Management

The Engineering and Public Works Department manages traffic on Town maintained streets as well as provides review of traffic studies for proposed developments within the Towns extraterritorial jurisdiction. NCDOT maintains all traffic signals within the Town. For issues with traffic signals, contact the NCDOT Traffic Services at 704-244-8270.

Traffic Calming

The Town of Huntersville’s NRadar Sign Opens in new windoweighborhood Traffic Calming Policy was developed to guide Town staff and inform residents about the processes and procedures for implementing traffic calming on residential streets. Under this policy, the Town’s Engineering and Public Works Department will work with residents to identify traffic problems in their neighborhoods and seek appropriate solutions. This policy addresses local residential and neighborhood collector streets.

Citizen participation is an important part of all traffic calming projects. Experience in other cities has shown that traffic calming projects that are implemented without involving the neighborhood are frequently unsuccessful, often resulting in the future removal of traffic calming measures. The Town’s goal is to give the people who live and work in the project area the opportunity to become actively involved in the planning and decision-making process.  If you have concerns about traffic in your neighborhood, complete the Traffic Calming Request Form.  

Traffic Impact Analysis / Study

A Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA), or Traffic Impact Study, is an analysis of existing or projected future conditions to assess the conditions of the roadway network. Typically, a TIA is used as a planning tool to evaluate the impacts of a proposed development on the surrounding roadway network. Based on the evaluation results, roadway improvements may be needed to mitigate the additional traffic demands.

Currently, the Town requires a TIA for new or redevelopments that generate 100 or more peak hour trips or 1,000 or more daily trips. The Town may also require a TIA to obtain a Town Driveway Permit.

For information on TIA study requirements, processes and procedures, see Chapter 14 of the Town Zoning Ordinance and the TIA Process and Procedures Manual.