Support Services Bureau

The Support Services Bureau is under the command of a Captain who reports directly to the Major and consists Personnel/Training and Fleet Division, Evidence and Property Control Unit and Police Records Unit. The Support Services Bureau is responsible for receiving, reviewing, sorting, and entering data into the records functions and activities. The Support Services Bureau is also responsible for the maintenance and control of the police records system, as well as department training. This Bureau handles administrative calls coming into the Department, either by telephone or in person, and routes the call to the appropriate police employee or other Town departments.

Personnel/Training Division

The Personnel, Training Division is commanded by a Lieutenant, who reports directly to the Support Services Captain. A designated Sergeant is the Department’s Training Coordinator and is responsible for the management, administration and coordination of all specialized, remedial, in-service, roll call and advanced training (internal and external). This includes the review of curricula and lesson plans and scheduling of all training classes.  The Training Sergeant is also responsible for the development, review, and approval of the annual comprehensive training plan, and for the maintenance of and updating of training files on all employees of the Department. Provides annual training and re-training opportunities for all employees as well as employees who are promoted or assigned new duties. 

Recruitment Coordinator

The Recruitment Coordinator is a Police Sergeant designated by the Chief of Police (Recruitment Sergeant) and is responsible for managing the Department’s recruitment efforts. The Recruitment Coordinator also serves as the Assistant Training Coordinator, assists the Division Commander with training related activities and functions, Quartermaster, and manages the Property/Evidence Function, as well as supervises the employee assigned as the Property/Evidence Technician. 

Evidence and Property Control Unit

The Evidence and Property Control Unit consists of a non-sworn evidence/property technician who reports directly to the Personnel/Training Division Sergeant. This unit also has the responsibility of Asset Management and the False Alarm Reduction Program. The Personnel/Training Division Sergeant has the staff functional responsibility of the agency’s evidence and property control function and activities.

Internal Affairs

Involves documenting the investigation, either formally or informally of allegations of police misconduct, commendations, and other matters pertaining to the internal affairs function of the Huntersville Police Department. Ensures that the integrity of the department is maintained through an internal system where objectivity, fairness, and justice are assured by the intensive, impartial, investigation and review of complaints of misfeasance, malfeasance or non-feasance against police officers and employees. 

Assisting the Public

One of the most vital responsibilities of the Huntersville Police Department is assisting the public and members of the Huntersville community, whether in-person or on the telephone. A few of the responsibilities handled on a daily basis by the front desk are:

  • Assisting visitors coming into the Department
  • Providing police reports
  • Directing questions concerning issues in the community
  • Giving directions and taking messages for the officers

In a “normal” day at the Huntersville Police Department, the front desk will handle approximately 75 to 100 telephone calls, as well as 35 to 45 “walk-ins” to the building. Although one employee serves as the primary contact, all staff members have been cross-trained to serve as a back-up when necessary. This employee is also assigned additional responsibilities of accounting, payroll, distribution of mail, management of office supplies, purchasing and budget reconciliation.

Security of Records

The Support Services Bureau has the responsibility of ensuring the physical security of records while maintaining the privacy and security precautions for the records in accordance with applicable laws. In 2012, the Support Services Bureau processed 3,107 incident reports; 4,652 citations, 3,597 warning citations; 1,394 crash reports and 1,026 arrest reports. The responsibility for data entry is divided primarily among four members of the staff; while once again, each member of the Support Services Bureau has been cross-trained to help maximize productivity and help keep the Department’s records system up-to-date.