SUP 21-03 Metrolina Greenhouse

Project Details
Project Name:Special Use Permit 21-03 Metrolina Greenhouse
Owner:Metrolina Greenhouse Inc.
Applicant:Metrolina Greenhouse, Inc.
Developer:Spectrum Enterprises, Inc.
Tax Parcel:02122108, 02122105, 02122104
Acreage:41.91 +/-
Current Zoning:TR
Current Land Use:Vacant
Proposed Land Use:Dormitory housing for H2A Employees
Description of Request:Special use permit to construct dormitory housing for H2A Employees
Plan Reviewer:Jack Simoneau and Lauren Speight
Contact Information:Email Jack Simoneau and Lauren Speight
Office: 704-766-2212 and 704-766-2254
Planning Board:October 26, 2021
Staff Report and Attachments
Town Board Final Action:Continued to December 6, 2021 
Status:In Review
Site Plan A
Site Plan B