Article 2.4 - Consecutive or Sequential Development Applications

Proposed developments may not be phased or subdivided in a piecemeal fashion to avoid application of this ordinance. Two or more developments represented to be separate developments shall be aggregated and treated as a single development under this ordinance if the Administrator determines them to be part of a unified plan of development and physically proximate to one another, based on any of the following factors:

a) There is unified ownership, indicated by the fact that:

1)   The same person has retained or shared control of the developments;

2)   The same person has ownership or a significant legal or equitable interest in the developments; or

3)   There is common management of the developments controlling the form of physical development or disposition of parcels of the development.

b) There is a reasonable closeness in time between the completion of eighty (80)% or less of one development and the submission to the Town of a development proposal for a subsequent development that is indicative of a common development effort.

c) The voluntary sharing of infrastructure that is indicative of a common development effort or is designated specifically to accommodate the developments.