TA 21-08 Swim Buffer Delineation

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Project Name:TA 21-08  Swim Buffer Delineation
Applicant:Town of Huntersville
Ordinance:Zoning Ordinance
Section:Articles 8.25 Section 4
Description:Revision to text of current Zoning / Subdivision Ordinance  to clarify what buffers must be shown on land development plans submitted for review and approval by the Town of Huntersville.  To prevent unintended disturbance of S.W.I.M Buffers throughout the Town of Huntersville and to provide greater consistency with the Buffer Implementation Guide and the delineation methods of several surrounding communities.
Huntersville Ordinances Advisory BoardAugust 5, 2021
Town Public Hearing:October 4, 2021 (tentative date)
Planning Board:October 26, 2021 (tentative date)
Town Board Final Action:November 15, 2021 (tentative date)
Staff Reviewer:Lauren Speight
Staff Contact Information:Email Lauren Speight
Status:In Review
Application (PDF)