Street Maintenance

Tree Down Across Road

Roads/Streets in Huntersville are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), The Town, or by private interests. The Powell Bill Maps show streets within the Town limits and who maintains them.  You can download the maps from the Towns website or contact the Planning Department to purchase them for a fee. Download a list of public streets and the length maintained.

The Town maintains more than 207 miles of public streets. The Public Works Department and its fourteen employees are committed to ensuring Town streets, drainage structures, and sidewalks are in safe condition. For maintenance requests of Town streets, click here. For maintenance requests on NCDOT maintained streets, call 980-523-0160.

Report a Fallen Sign

To report a damaged or knocked down street sign (other than a stop sign) or request a new street sign, contact the Public Works Department at 704-875-7007 or send an email to Ginger Hersom. 

For knocked down or missing stop signs contact the Public Works Department, weekdays between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  at 704-875-7007. Outside of these hours and during weekends, call the Huntersville Police Department at 704-464-5400.

You can also use our online maintenance request form.

Report a Fallen Tree

Street Trees are the responsibility of the nearest property owner, even in the right of way.  

Town may remove any tree that has fallen into a roadway, up to the curbside.  

To report a tree that has fallen into the road, contact the Public Works Department at 704-875-7007 or send an email to Ginger Hersom. You may also use the online maintenance request form.

Public Works Ordinance

On September 19, 2016, the Town Board adopted a Public Works Ordinance into Huntersville's Code of Ordinances. Familiarize yourself with the Town's street, sidewalk and right-of-way regulations by reading the adopted Public Works Ordinance.