MBS 21-01 Neon at the Park

Project Details
Project Name:MBS 21-01  Neon at the Park
Case Number:MBS 21-01   (MBS = Multi-Building Site)
Owner:Silver Capital Advisors, Inc.
Applicant:Apartments at the Park, LLC.
Tax Parcel:01719104
Acreage:17.0 +/- 
Location:12901 Reese Blvd.
Current Zoning:CB
Current Land Use:Vacant
Proposed Land Use:Multi-family 
Description of Request:Commercial site plan for 8 multi-family apartment buildings with 242 residential units.  Site includes clubhouse, pool, amenities, parking, etc. 
Plan Reviewer:Brad Priest
Office: 704-766-2214
(This is not an on-site project contact)
Planning Board MeetingTBD
Town Board MeetingTBD
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