V21-07 15300 Holbrooks Road - Swim Buffer

Project DetailsInformation
Project Name:Variance - V21-07   15300 Holbrooks Road - Swim Buffer
Greenway Waste Solutions at North Meck, LLC    C&D Management Co LLC
Owner(s):C&D Management Co LLC
Tax Parcel:01910102
Parcel Size:121.040  acres +/-
Location:15300 Holbrooks Road
Description of Request:Variance request to Stream Buffers and minimum buffer widths as required in Article 8, section 25.5
Project Reviewer:Lauren Speight
Contact Information:Email Lauren Speight
Office: 704-766-2254
Board of Adjustment Meeting:August 10, 2021  (tentative date)
Documents:Application (PDF)

Status:In Review