V21-05 12802 Jamesburg Drive

Project DetailsInformation
Project Name:Variance - V21-05   12802 Jamesburg Drive
MDH F1 Huntersville JV, LLC
Owner(s):MDH F1 Huntersville JV, LLC
Tax Parcel:01121108 and 01121110
Parcel Size:38.180 acres for Parcel ID 01121108 
27.277 acres for Parcel ID 01121110 
Location:12802 Jamesburg Drive  (various addresses assigned to parcels)
Description of Request:Variance request to impact an intermittent stream buffer as part of grading operations permitted through the Army Corps of Engineers as referenced in the Zoning Ordinance Article 8, Section 25.11
Project Reviewer:Lauren Speight
Contact Information:Email Lauren Speight
Office: 704-766-2254
Board of Adjustment Meeting:August 10, 2021
Documents:Application (PDF)