Right of Way Abandonment - Holbrook & Unnamed St

Project Details
Project Name:Right of Way Abandonment - Holbrook St and Unnamed Street 
Owner:Bowman Development Group, Inc.
Applicant:North State HTC, LLC
Developer:North State HTC, LLC
Tax Parcel:01711625, 01711626,  01711632, 01711633, 01711634, 01711637, 01711638, 01711639, 01711801, and 01711811
Acreage:Tract A - 0.305 acres
Tract B - 0.634 acres
Tract C - 0.025 acres
Tract D - 0.005 acres
Location:Huntersville Town Center
Description of Request:Request to close/abandon a portion of Holbrook Street and the unnamed, unopened and never constructed street that was shown as part of the Huntersville Town Center project.  
Planning Reviewer:David Peete
Contact Information:Email David Peete
Office: 704-766-2216
Town Board Public Hearing:June 21, 2021
Staff Report and Attachments
Town Board Final Action:June 21, 2021
Documents:Abandonment Petition
Abandonment Survey
Abandonment Metes and Bounds Description