Right of Way Abandonment for Oyster Lane

Project Details
Project Name:Right of Way Abandonment - Oyster Lane
Owner:Cambridge-Huntersville, LLC
Applicant:Cambridge-Huntersville, LLC
Developer:Cambridge-Huntersville, LLC
Tax Parcel:Road adjoins Tax Parcels 02119172 and 02119171, 
Acreage:0.47 (area of Right of Way to be abandoned) 
Location:A portion of Oyster Lane between Hylas Land and Prosperity Church Road extension
Description of Request:Request to close/abandon a portion of Oyster Lane road between Hylas Land and Prosperity Church Road extension.  
Planning Reviewer:David Peete
Contact Information:Email David Peete
Office: 704-766-2216
Town Board Public Hearing:June 21, 2021
Staff Report and Attachments
Town Board Final Action:June 21, 2021
Documents:Abandonment Petition, Survey and Metes and Bounds Description