Right of Way Abandonment in Vermillion Front

Project Details
Project Name:Right of Way Abandonment - Unnamed Road in Vermillion Front Subdivision
Owner:Bowman Development Group, Inc.
Applicant:Bowman Development Group, Inc.
Developer:Bowman Development Group, Inc.
Tax Parcel:Road adjoins Tax Parcels 01905212, 01905301, and 01905403.
Acreage:0.513 (area of Right of Way to be abandoned) 
Location:Unnamed road within the Vermillion Front Subdivision
Description of Request:Request to close/abandon an unnamed, unopened and never constructed right-of-way  that was shown as part of the future Vermillion Front Subdivision.  The intent is for said parcel(s) to be recombined and reconfigured, rendering the aforementioned right of way, irrelevant. 
Planning Reviewer:Jack Simoneau
Contact Information:Email Jack Simoneau
Office: 704-766-2211
Town Board Public Hearing:June 21, 2021
Town Board Final Action:TBD
Documents:Abandonment Petition
Abandonment Survey
Abandonment Metes and Bounds Description