Stormwater Maintenance

Stormwater is rain water that does not soak into the ground. It flows into our storm drainage system without being treated or cleaned.

Managing storm water runoff is crucial to Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s quality of life. That includes maintaining and improving our storm water drainage system to reduce flood risks and working to reduce pollution levels in our creeks and lakes.

Fee Basis

The cost of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s storm water program is funded completely by a fee, not tax dollars. The fee is based on:

  1. How much each property contributes to storm water runoff and
  2. The cost of providing storm water services in Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Storm water Maintenance works to provide a storm drainage system that is safe, clean, and cost-effective. The fees collected by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities for storm water maintenance are what funds the Town's maintenance program. To see how storm water fees are calculated go to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services page.

Further Information on Stormwater Services

To obtain information regarding activities undertaken to protect and restore water quality in our storm sewer systems, creeks and lakes, including volunteer opportunities visit

Please report pollution to 3-1-1 (704-336-7600).

Routine Maintenance

The Town routinely provides the following maintenance tasks within the right-of-way of Town maintained public streets and recorded public storm drainage easements:

  • Inspect drainage or flooding problems on public and private property to determine if they are caused by storm water runoff from a public street and are qualifying problems as described by Stormwater Services.
  • Work to resolve or reduce flooding problems. The highest priority are those with flooding of living space, damage or imminent damage to buildings where people live or work, or flooding that poses a threat to the traveling public.
  • Remove fallen trees and large debris from creeks when those obstructions create a qualifying drainage problem
  • Clean storm drain pipes, catch basins and culverts
  • Repair or replace broken storm drainage pipes
  • Control severe creek bank erosion when necessary to protect water quality and adjacent properties
  • Repair sinkholes that occur over a drainage pipe system

Unqualified Storm Drainage Problems

The following are examples of storm drainage problems that typically do not qualify for stormwater repairs:

  • Yard flooding
  • Drainage problems caused by landscaping or yard grading
  • Standing water from groundwater conditions
  • Standing water in drainage channels
  • Roof/gutter drainage system problems
  • Runoff from adjacent properties
  • Minor erosion
  • Developments with a certificate of occupancy one year old or less
  • Vacant properties
  • Any non-single-family development BMPs and maintenance (required by property owners) of post-construction / required facilities
  • Mitigation/stream restoration projects completed by others
  • Bury pits
  • Pipes and fill that should have been permitted but were not
  • Wetlands that do not adversely affect storm drainage systems

Request Storm water Maintenance

To request storm water maintenance along Town maintained streets or in public drainage easements, contact the Town Public Works Department at 704-875-7007 or by filing out the maintenance request form.

For storm water issues relating to named streams or lakes contact Charlotte-Mecklenburg Stormwater Services.

For storm water issues along state maintained roads contact the North Carolina Department of Transportation local maintenance office at 980-523-0160.