Mayes Road Subdivision

Project Details
Project Name:Mayes Road Subdivision
Applicant:Mayes Bowman, LLC
Owner:JMB Mayes Road, LLC
Developer:Mayes Bowman, LLC
Design Firm:R. Joe Harris & Associates
Tax Parcel(s):01123119
Acreage:55.63 +/- acres
Location:12000 Mayes Road
Current Zoning:Transitional Residential District (TR)
Current Land Use:Vacant
Proposed Land Use:Residential
Description of Request:Preliminary plan review for 83 lot single family subdivision
Plan Reviewer:Jack Simoneau
Contact Information:Email Jack Simoneau
Phone: 704-766-2211
Neighborhood Meeting:March 24, 2021
Staff Notes (PDF)
Planning Board:May 25, 2021
Staff Report (PDF)
Town Board:June 21, 2021
Staff Report (PDF)
Application:Application (PDF)
Plan Documents:Preliminary Plan 1 of 2
Preliminary Plan 2 of 2
Subdivision Sketch Plan Quasi-Judicial Meeting InformationSubdivision Sketch Plan Quasi-Judicial Meeting Information